I Love Ron Moore for ‘Faithfully’ Adapting Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander to a Cable TV Series…

“Jamie Fraser” by Captivated2 @ deviantart.com (http://captivated2.deviantart.com/#/d56lung)

Think I’m putting the cart before the horse?

After all, “Essential Entertainment” toyed with Outlander fans for years; EE optioned the books for a movie or tv series back in 2008.  They worked with “Randall Wallace” (who wrote the movie “Braveheart”), and “Ann Peacock” (screenwriter for ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ 2005 ) who actually  wrote a screenplay for a feature film.

We waited, and waited, and EE did nothing.

Part of me was hoping it was taking so long because they were deciding to do a cable tv series vs. a feature film, but I had doubts as to whether any project would be completed in my lifetime, or ever.  (Granted, there is a camp of Outlander fans who would just as soon not see the books translated to film, believing no actor could ever do ‘James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser’ justice.  And while I’m the first to admit that Jamie is a complex character with many, many layers of emotion, I believe it can be done.)

Plus it was so  frustrating to see a cable series like HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ which I ADORE (based on “George R. R. Martin’s”  ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ books) have so much success, knowing with every fiber of my being that Outlander could achieve that same level of success and more, if only EE  would DO something!  In the end, they did nothing, ‘Essentially’ depriving the world of Jamie & Claire and there was no help for it.  UNTIL that is, Ron Moore took an interest in it…

It was the ‘squeal’ heard round the world:

Diana Gabaldon posted on facebook July 17th, 2012:

Yes! It _is_ true; while final contracts aren’t yet signed, we do have a deal with Sony Pictures for development of a cable-TV (as in HBO, Netflix, Starz, Showtime, whatever…that kind of thing) series.”

And when it was announced on July 17th, 2012 that Ron Moore closed a deal for the rights to Outlander and would be pitching it  to cable networks the following week, I was EXCITED!   I mean REALLY excited, ESPECIALLY when he tweeted this:

“Big fan of  Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books for many years, excited for the opportunity to do a FAITHFUL interpretation!”  

Big fan?  Faithful interpretation?  Tell me more!

“Ronald D. Moore” is best known for his Emmy nominated work on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ (a show close to my heart- I wanted Jean-Luc Picard to be my father, had a crush on “Number One” William Riker & wanted to BE the empath-counselor Deanna Troi) & most recently ‘Battle Star Galactica,’ where he did get an Emmy in 2008 while serving as Executive Producer (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0601822/bio)

Star Trek: The Next Generation?  Battlestar Galactica?  EMMY?  I mean, really- could this get any better?  You bet your kilt it could!  Diana Gabaldon said THIS later that week on the Compuserve forum:

“Actually, Ron and his chief production assistant came out and spent a weekend (not an hour, not a day <g>) with me last month, discussing the books, the characters, various approaches, structural principles–i.e., where it might be best to break the content of a book for a season, an episode, etc.–the background from which I wrote the books, asked if I had any out-takes or background material written for any of the minor characters that might be useful, etc., etc. He’d read everything, including THE EXILE. <g>.”

Well I’m sold.  Am I putting the cart before the horse?  Maybe, but I don’t think so;  Ron is backing up his words with action- that shows integrity, and Outlander deserves no less. I have complete faith in him.  He’s obviously committed to making this happen and has proven to be MORE than qualified to handle the task of adapting our beloved Outlander books to a cable tv series.
And Ron, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU.  I know that you’ll do the best you can and I can’t WAIT to see your handiwork.  ♥

If Appreciating a Kilted Rump is Wrong Then I Don’t Wanna Be Right!

Kiss THIS facebook!

I thought it was a good idea; instead of referring to Wedsnesdays as ‘hump day’ (the proverbial hill/middle of the work week), why not call it ‘rump day’ and show a man whose kilted cheek may be showing a little?   Most of the ‘Rump Day’ features on Outlander Fan’s facebook page were pretty tame, not to mention verra popular (and for the record my page has always had a setting of 18 yrs old & older).

We all looked forward to it, it really brightened up the midweek.

This past Rump Day wednesday (7-11-12), as I was sitting by my sister’s pool & checking facebook from my smartphone, a warning notice in red popped up;  it said something to the effect of  ‘we have taken down this photo for its  inappropriateness/if you wish to keep your page then remove all related content/visit this link for community guidelines.’   My first thought was, “Really?  Someone COMPLAINED?  Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to see men in kilts doing handstands (bums facing audience) on a stage?”  My next thought was “Oh sh*t” and I hightailed into the house to get on my laptop to see what was going on.

I couldn’t find the warning again but I immediately started moving the tamer pics (e.g.  a tattoo on a kilted thigh) over to a different album.  After maybe the 2nd pic was moved I was locked out of the rest of the pics!  I felt heartsick.  Not wanting the fb dictators to take down my page, I deleted the album.  I don’t really feel like I had a choice, I didn’t want to lose Outlander Fan on fb.  I’ll concede that full-on/someone-flashing-their-entire-bum pics are questionable, by fb standards.  But can someone please explain to me how a tatooed thigh is considered graphic nudity?!  I’m at a loss…

That being said, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who banded together & supported me and Rump Day.  You really did lift my spirits- it makes me happy to know that there are so many other likeminded Outlander fans ♥

I have a little something up my sleeve, and a giveaway in the works to boot.  I’ll leave you to ponder this:  They may take our Rump Day, but they’ll never take our FREEEEEDOM, lol!  #CheesyBraveheartReference

Good Morning America’s “Big Brave Adventure” Sweepstakes

Yes, if you can believe it, ANOTHER chance to win a trip to Scotland!  This one however, is only open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous U.S. and D.C.  Here’s the link & good luck!


Another Scotland trip giveaway…

I just found out about another Scotland trip sweepstakes- this one is sponsored by Disney-Pixar’s Brave & VisitScotland.  Here’s the link-  Good Luck!


♫ All Aboard the Book 9 Train ♫

GREAT NEWS Outlander Fans!

Remember back in March I reported here on the possibility of a Book 9?  Well, just this morning Outlandish Observations observed this:

‘Diana Gabaldon made a couple of Very Interesting comments on Twitter in the last 24 hours.

In reply to someone who asked if there will be a Book 9, Diana said,

“Oh, I’m pretty sure there will be. “

And when I reacted to that, Diana said,

“Well, the book (MOBY, I mean) is starting to Take Shape, to the point that I _almost_ know where it ends. And there’s More.”

I’m not surprised, but I’m very glad to hear this, as I’m sure many of you are!

I thought those of you who are not on Twitter would want to know. <vbg> It’s not official yet, but it sounds like the prospect of a Book 9 is getting more certain all the time.’

As far as THIS Outlander Fan is concerned, there will be a book 9. I can FEEL it!  Feel it with me people!  ♫ All aboard the Book 9 Train…♫

Celtic Cowgirl is Having a Giveaway!

 Who doesn’t love a little Celtic bling?  Can’t you just picture any one of the Outlander characters wearing these?  If you havena been to their website,  Celtic Cowgirl makes “…Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry Inspired By The Celtic Influence Of  My Scot/Irish Heritage And A Wee Bit By My Favorite Book Series Outlander.”   AND they are having their first ever giveaway- all you have to do is “Like” their Facebook page, ken?  Verra simple!   When the goal of 500 “Likes” is reached they’ll be giving away one of these bonny Celtic Knot Tribal Cuff Bracelets (pewter, featuring a satin-finish celtic interweave pattern slightly raised against a textured antiqued background, pictured above).   The winner will be picked with the help of a random number generator.  

The sooner you go like their page at http://www.celticcowgirl.com the sooner they can pick a winner.  I think you’ll find lots of Outlander-inspired pieces to fall in love with.  Dinna fash, their jewelry is affordable as well as beautiful (and remember to tell yer friends, aye?)

Enter to win a 6-day trip to Scotland!

 “Create your own Scottish Cultural Adventure. To enter simply choose which itinerary you prefer- cities, lowlands, highlands or islands- and tell us how to contact you should you win. Then cross your fingers, and prepare to be inspired!”

When I found out that cometoscotland.com is running a sweepstakes to win a 6-day trip for you & 3 guests I IMMEDIATELY thought of Outlander fans & had to share it with you guys ASAP!!!  You get to choose between 4 different adventures.  I chose Highland Treasures:

 Highland Treasures

  • Stay at Meldrum House and explore the architecture of the Castle Trail
  • Enjoy lunch with the master craftsman distiller in the Music Room of the Macallan Estate and savour a whisky in this spiritual home
  • Be guest of honor and enjoy dancing, piping and sports at the Braemar Highland Games, traditionally attended by the Royal Family
  • Take a safari tour of the Cairnforms National Park and indulge your inner photographer

ALL of the itineraries sound like fun!  Here’s the link to enter:  http://www.cometoscotland.com/win/

You have until December 14th 2012 to enter, winner will be chosen January 13th 2013.  Well, what are you waiting for?   (And remember to invite your favorite Outlander Fan *blinking innocently* if you win  : )

I’m an eejit!

You know what an ‘eejit’ is, don’t you?  It’s Scottish slang for ‘idiot.’  Look it up in a dictionary and you’ll see my face next to the definition…

I was less than thrilled when facebook changed our profiles over to the timeline format;  I personally resisted until the last possible minute.  (I still don’t think I know my way around it yet, not fully.)   So you can imagine how I felt when they informed me that my *page* would soon be converted as well!  Super.

With a deep cleansing breath of resignation to the inevitable, I decided to make the best of it & have some fun at the same time…

And that’s when I posted on other Outlander bloggers’ facebook pages asking for help in choosing between two cover photos for the new timeline format on my facebook page www.facebook.com/OutlanderFan.  So many of you responded, I was so pleased and I’m happy to report that as of March 10th, 2012 ‘Scottish Thistle’ has the lead over ‘Dragonfly’ by almost 2 to 1!

There’s just a wee problem (Heh-heh, you’re going to love this part, this is great):  In my eagerness to share the pics that I presented to be voted on, I failed to take notice of their size.  When I went to preview the cover photos, I was informed by the facebook gods that the pics were “too small.”  Och, I thought (because it’s fun pretending to think with Jamie’s accent- you know you do it too) that’s no problem- I’ll just go back to the site where I made them & edit their size.  Too easy.  Well, guess what?  The pics enlarged alright, but were blurry.  Verra blurry, indeed…  I feel like such an EEJIT!

And so, I formally apologize to everyone who kindly took time out of their day to aid me in my quest for the perfect cover photo.  Because I have to scrap the ‘Highland Thistle’ & ‘Dragonfly’ pics and start from scratch with a new one.  I willna ask for help this time, dinna be worrit.  Heed my mistake Outlander fans & spare yerself the embarrassment!  Aye, I’ve learned my lesson…

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Don’t forget to enter the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary holiday giveaway!  And best of all it’s signed by Herslef, Diana Gabaldon.

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Outlander book giveaway contest Nov 7th – Dec 7th 2011

Hi all!  Just a quick note to let you know about a giveaway I discovered, a chance to win a copy of “Diana Gabaldon’s” Outlander book.  If you win, you too can have your very own Jamie fix whenever you like!  Here’s the link:


Good luck!

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