Want to Know How to Increase the Chances of Diana Gabaldon doing a Book Signing in Your Area?

dg book signing

Did you know that you can increase the chances of Diana Gabaldon holding a Book Signing in your area?

From Herself’s Facebook wall yesterday:

“Normally, the publisher starts setting an itinerary for touring (assuming they want to do a tour; they do them much less these days) a new book a couple of months prior to publication.

What you (or anyone) should do, if you’d like me to sign in your area, is to contact the biggest independent bookstore (or failing any of those, the biggest chain bookstore) near you, ask to talk to the events coordinator, and inform him/her that you’d love to have me there.   These are the people who talk to the publisher’s sales reps–and it’s the sales reps who advise the publicists as to where they think appearances might be most effective.” ~ Diana Gabaldon

Isn’t this wonderful information? I feel a phone call to my local bookstore coming on verra soon…

*Thank you Marja-Liisa Miettinen for bringing this great tidbit to our attention! You’re a true Outlander fan!