Chris Hemsworth looks more Jamie-esque than ever in Thor 2…

Add some red to his hair, slap a kilt on him and call me “Sassenach!”

Chris Hemsworth from the Thor 2 movie trailer

Chris Hemsworth from the Thor 2 movie trailer

This is my James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.  This pic is a screen shot from the Thor 2 movie trailer, which you can see here:

‘Nuff said.

How I see the characters, Part I (Jamie, Dougal, Jack & Frank Randall)

How many times have you heard this: “Gerard Butler would be the perfect Jamie!” Or: “Gerard Butler could never play Jamie because he’s too old.” Or my favorite: “No one could ever portray the characters as well as I imagine them.”

Well, that all may be true, but I think it’s fun to find out how other fans envision the characters while they’re reading about them.  Here’s a glimpse inside my head, how I picture our beloved characters inside the Outlander Universe…  KEEP IN MIND I’m only talking about physical appearance, NOT current age-appropriateness, acting ability or personality…

When I think of Jamie I think TALL, a head taller than other men, powerful physique, blue eyes slanted like a cat & high cheekbones. Add some red hair, a little length & “Chris Hemsworth” fits that bill for me! (photo/

Slap a kilt on him & call me Sassenach! (photo/

When I think of Dougal Mackenzie, I think commanding presence.  Doesn’t “Gerard Butler” look like Dougal Mackenzie, War Chieftain in this pic? (photo/

Now, in my opinion this is the face of the evil, sadistic Captain Jack Randall.  “Jason Isaacs” plays such a good a-hole… (photo/