We have a Premiere Date—August 9th!

Photo: Courtesy of Starz

Photo: Courtesy of Starz

At first when I saw this I Was like, “Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Then I realized I’ll be CAMPING that weekend, and I was like, “Noooooooooooo!” Then I remembered I have Xfinity and can watch it on my iPhone and I was like, “Well, it will be on a small screen, but at least I can watch it on DVR when I get home Sunday night.”

THEN I realized that I can bring my laptop with me, and watch it all up-close-and-personal, and I was like, “That’s even better than seeing it on tv! Thank you Jesus for campgrounds with Wifi!”

Before Outlander premieres I will post alternative ways of watching the show.

In the meantime, for those of you not in the US, Canada or Australia, take notice:

International Outlander – URGENT update

We have received word that the completed episodes of Outlander will be shown to international network executives within the next week or two. This is the news we’ve been waiting for! Outlander will sell itself, as long as the executives see it. A little help from us wouldna go amiss, aye?

We are asking all fans in countries who do not have an Outlander deal in place to PLEASE contact their networks by every means possible – e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and overnight snail mail – and ask (beg, beseech, nag, encourage) them to have their representative make a point to see Outlander at the LA Screenings. Time is of the essence as the event starts on May 13, which is next Tuesday. When you contact the network, you should also promise to subscribe, watch and do everything in your power to help promote the series once it airs.

Once we have the date(s) Outlander will be shown at the LA Screenings, we’ll be setting up another #WorldwideTVNeedsOutlander event for all fans. Let’s prove once again that Worldwide TV Does Indeed Need Outlander! ~ Outlander Ambassadors