What if Everyone on Twitter Read Outlander at the Same Time?


That’s the goal anyway, of The Atlantic’s Twitter book club, “1book140.”

1book140 is an international book club (currently 98.5k members) that takes place mainly on Twitter, though it also incorporates readers’ blogs, Tumblr and Facebook pages. Summaries of the conversations are posted at The Atlantic.com.

This month they have chosen Outlander as their February read! They have an excellent system in place to make it easy to follow along and avoid spoilers. Per J. Nathan Matias/TheAtlantic.com:

To join the conversation on Outlander, follow us at @1book140 and tweet to join the conversation so we know that you’re reading along. To avoid spoilers, we spread the conversation across one hashtag per week. Click on each hashtag to see the conversation at that point in the book. 

  • Week One: Chapters 1-10, using #1b140_1 as a hashtag for your tweets
  • Week Two: Chapters 11-20, using #1b140_2
  • Week Three: Chapters 21-30, using #1b140_3
  • Week Four: Chapters 31-41, using #1b140_4

Click here for everything you need to know to participate in the book club.

So whether you’re a Twitter pro, newbie or wannabe, give this a try! Let’s show the Twitterverse what Outlander has to offer!