But Who Does DIANA Think Jamie Looks Like?

Well, I was working on part II of “How I See the Characters” when the admins-that-be decided to start all the ‘virtual casting’ brew-ha-ha still going on Diana Gabaldon’s facebook page(btw- have you been over there lately? They should rename her page “Outlander Casting Wars” lol). Needless to say I decided to put it on hold for the time being.  Instead I thought it would be nice for us to get inside Herself’s head & see which man she thinks Jamie Fraser most looks like. Here’s what she said on her blog “Voyages of the Artemis,” Sept 10 2008:

“…Among these was a photo of Gabriel Aubrey, and I’d mentioned in re this photo that Mr. A. did in fact have a strong resemblance to Mr. Fraser, in terms of facial physiognomy. So yesterday, an enterprising person named Grace who inhabits one of the “Outlander” discussion boards evidently came across my idle remarks and decided to see if she could make something of them. So she dragged Mr. Aubrey into her PhotoShop for a little revision, and….OK. Yeah. That’s very much what he looks like. In case you were wondering. [g]”


I found another photoshopped pic of Gabriel Aubry w/red hair. I think this one’s sexier:

The truth is, no matter what we may think or how we envision him, Jamie Fraser was created by Diana. And I don’t know about you, but I think she has good taste (I certainly wouldn’t kick Gabriel Aubry out of my bed for eating crackers, would you?) ☺